Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another proposed Gulen School denied

Who says there is only bad news out there?
So the last 6 months:

  • Mokapu STEM School in Hawaii -DENIED
  • Abramson Science-Louisana DENIED
  • Kenliworth Science-Louisana DENIED
  • Allentown Science Academy-PA- DENIED
  • Minnesota School of Science - Approved for Fall of 2011 (there are Minnesota Teachers informing me that they may not make this deadline but in the Gulen way they MOVE quickly to open the school to fall away from the radar.
  • Knoxville Charter Academy- Denied, then approved NOW Delayed till Fall 2012. The School board in Knox knows of their ties to Gulen Movement, it is very obvious. Many Act for America people in Tennessee believe they were delayed as the School board didn't approve the 5 proposed sites for a school. However if the school cannot get the school built by Fall of 2012, the charter application has to be re-filed. Maybe the school board is delaying them for a reason? My personal take is that the School board will force the Knoxville Charter Academy to find funds to build their own school .....they are running out of money.

Your actions count in the war effort.

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