Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tactics of Islam: Conquering America from Within

Aland D. Mizell has authored the paperback, Tactics of Islam: Conquering America from Within - of course it's available on amazon.

In the past, the Ottoman Empire could not defeat the West by the sword, so now Fethullah Gulen's community systematically employs very different tactics to bring the West under Islamic rule. For profoundly anti-democratic goals they use America's democratic values-freedom of speech, political correctness, tolerance, and multiculturalism-as tools for disseminating Gulen's ideology. "You move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers...until the conditions are ripe... If you do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads. The time is not yet right. You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey... The work to be done is in confronting the world. Now, I have expressed my feelings and thoughts to you all-in confidence...trusting your loyalty and secrecy." -Fethullah Gulen to his followers.
"Aland Mizell has gathered valuable material to prove that Islam is not only active in its missionary activities but actually ahead of schedule. This book is a must read." Dr. William Wagner, author of How Islam Plans to Change the World. "Aland Mizell's book unveils the hidden truth about Gulen's strategies for the Islamization of the world and he especially targets America." Dr. Rebwar Fatah, a journalist and Director and Co-Founder of the London-based Aland D. Mizell earned master's degrees in political science and public administration and a doctorate in political science with an emphasis on politics and religion. He reads and speaks several languages, adding to the breadth of his three-decades of research on Islam with a focus on the Gulen movement.

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